Sporting goods stores are an attractive targe for thieves due to its wide range of product currently fashionable and the popularity of exposed brands by well-known characters.

This attracts many thieves in order to its personal consumption or subsequent resale, due to its great value.

PROSISTEL SISTEMAS has a wide range of specified products for protection (textiles, rackets, backpacks, etc)

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    Ultrasafe closureMaterial: ABS PlasticMazimum resistanceColours: Grey and beige1.95 - 8.2 MHzDetection up to 1,70 m
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    Attractive design.Digital control through advanced analysis system (DSP).High Deactivation Range.Deactivations counter.Management of Security to avoid false or improper deactivations.Verifier of not deactivated tags.Fast and easy synchronization with other AM 58 khz systems Measurement: 145 x 255 x 65 mm
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    Attractive design.Microprocessed digital controlHigh Deactivation Range 20cm.Acustic and visual warning when a tag is deactivatedDetection of no disabled tagsInset possibility for better installationAutomatic synchronization with RF SystemMeasurement: 240 x 240 x 20 mm
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    Power: 7,500 GMaterial: AluminiumRF and AM tags
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    Power: 7,500 GMaterial: Aluminium
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    Power: 7,500 GMaterial: AluminiumGolf Tags
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    Type: Hiper LockPower: 14000 GaussMeasurement: 118x99x24 mmFrequency: 58KHz or 8.2 MHzClosure: Super-lock
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    Manufactured in metal and plastic.To use with Supertag II Tags.
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    Electric detacher for SuperTag tags
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    Specially designed to release "L" type tags for Glasses for either 8.2 MHz or 58 KHz.
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    TCP IP Module for remote management developed by Prosistel Sistemas is characterized by its great quality in our manufactured products and the constant technological development of our R&D Department. As a result, we are in the forefront on our products and services becoming leader in the market. We make available an advanced system for remote...
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    Attractive and modern designFast and effectiveApproved by Bank of SpainYou will not receive a counterfeit bank thanks to this approved system.
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    Ultraviolet Light Detection UV lamp 11WWhite light lamp 11WUV detectionmagnetic, metal thread, infrared inks.
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    Pen testing counterfeit banknoteWhen painting on a banknoteWhite light lamp 11WYellow colour: Acceptable banknoteBlack or brown colour: counterfeit banknote
  • Day/night Mini-dome with LEDshigh resolution 600TLVWith Fixed 3.6 mm Optics VIEW PDF »
  • Day/night Mini dome with LEDsHigh resolution 700TLVVarifocal Optic 2.8 -12 mm VIEW PDF »

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