Electronic Article Surveillance Systems (EAS)

Electronic Article Surveillance Systems (EAS)

It is recommendable to use Electronic Article Surveillance Systems for any type of stores in order to avoid thieves to take items away. Thanks to these systems, losses can be minimized at the same time we maximize benefits.

Electronic Article Surveillance Systems can protect a wide range of products, being integrated in their packaging or placed by the store staff as in case of clothing, footwear or other complements.

Instructions are simple and it is not necessary any special training to be used by the store personnel.

The tag is removed from the product or deactivated passing through the electronic system when someone acquire the article, ensuring every item has been bought lawfully by clients.

It is necessary to install sensor antennas in the store exit in order to tags to be effective, being the owner sure every article leaving the store has been obtained legally. An alarm warns the security crew when a no deactivated tags pass through detectors, proceeding to check if the person is trying to seize any article from store.

EAS Systems are designed to protect articles and reducing losses suffered from stores because of thefts significantly.

It is possible to install any type of EAS tag in any type of product and in any conceivable industry such us supermarkets, clothing stores, pharmacies, libraries or sports stores.

Using clothing tags in labelling is becoming more and more common getting several advantages: Less investment is required in losses prevention.

  • It is more efficient so the tag is placed on origin and clients will remove them from clothing.
  • It is much less aggressive so the tag does not damage clothing during shipping or manipulation.
  • As tags are not removed in store personnel store can devote to improve clients’ experience.
  • As tags are light and hidden in clothing, clients will feel more comfortable when trying them on.

EAS antennas can be used combining with other available systems from Prosistel such us Metal Detection or People Counting.

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