Have you ever found any Counterfeit Banknote?

Have you ever found any Counterfeit Banknote?

As we are all aware, new 50-euro banknotes have been introduced recently with new security requirements that inhibit their counterfeiting.

These new elements are:

  • A hologram which is visible from both sides in banknote, with a portrait of Europe, a mythological figure.
  • The number 50 at the bottom of the banknote which changes its colour now.


Thanks to this new image and security elements in banknotes it is possible to inhibit counterfeiting but, as usually happens in such cases, counterfeiters finally reach it.

Dismantling of the biggest counterfeit banknotes factory in Spain was produced last March, with 24 detainees. It was focusing in producing 10 and 20-euro counterfeit banknotes, everyone with maximum quality and hardly detectable. Almost 9 million euros were out of out of circulation thanks to law enforcement, luckily for European citizens.

Although these are all good news, still many counterfeit banknotes are in circulation and we should focus attention in order not to fall into the trap.

From Prosistel, we are really concerned about losses generated by this type of theft, so we make available to all our clients different detection systems, all of them endorsed by the “Bank of Spain” and certified to detect counterfeit banknotes with any value.

The M-75 banknotes tester is specially designed to test banknotes anywhere so it is a marker that changes the colour painting with depending on the authenticity of the banknote. An essential tool for those who do not have power outlet to be able to use other detection systems and requiring to check immediately banknotes authenticity.

Another certified detection system which is manufactured by Prosistel is the counterfeit banknotes detector M-190. A beam of ultraviolet light checks the magnetic stripe and metallic filament as well as highlighting infrared inks to check the authenticity of each banknote scanned by the detector. It is a fast and reliable system with features helping with no counterfeit banknote would be ignored.

Finally, we want to appoint our most evolved banknotes detector: M-290. It is a fast and effective detector approved by the “Bank of Spain” with a modern and attractive design. It is impossible to get any counterfeit banknote.

As you can check, Prosistel offers the best detection systems for counterfeit banknotes, with the latest and most evolved technology.

Posted on 04/10/2017 News 4995

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