Aluminium foil, ally with thieves

Aluminium foil, ally with thieves

Although is not well known, aluminium foil is an essential element for thieves. This common low-cost material in any home used to line any bag avoiding tags to be detected when passing through anti-theft systems in stores. Thanks to this system it is possible to manufacture a low-cost Faraday Cage.

In principle it seems a good idea and it is possible to evade any type of detector. However, Prosistel goes ahead thieves and we have added metal detectors to our electronic article surveillance systems. These systems detect when someone is passing through antennas with a bag, jacket or any other garment lined with aluminium foil, warning to security crew discretely in order to be alert.

Our anti-theft systems with “Metal Control” are specially designed to detect any bag or garment with aluminium foil and it warns us sonorously, lightly or discreetly differentiating from common objects in order not to get false alarms.

We have several systems for aluminium foil bags detection:

  • Our “Metal Control System” is composed of 2 antennas made of transparent methacrylate, being able to adapt to any environment without attracting the attention.
  • The Advanced MT System is suitable with any detection system in Radio-Frequency, Acousto-Magnetic or Electromagnetic technology, with great detection range and the possibility of being connected to the Internet in order to get a fast and effective remote support. It is also available our panelled edition allowing to antennas no to be visible.
  • “Advanced Full Equipe” is the most completed Prosistel’s system in order to detect anti-theft tags, with “Metal Control” integrated in antennas and integrating “People Counting” in antennas to know clients flow in your store accurately.

Thanks to any of these systems, thieves will not be able to evade the anti-theft systems installed in entries and exits in stores, cancelling their tags detectors.

Posted on 04/20/2017 News 62714

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