Electronics stores usually have a great number of large value articles, a wide range in sizes, from digital tiny cameras to TV. All of them with a great economic value, being really interested for thieves.

PROSISTEL SISTEMAS commits to protect your establishment in order to any thief would be able to enter and thieve any article. You can find below every articles we recommend to protect your business

  • The Ultra Door-Loop Invisible AM System 2.0 is equipped with the latest technology, being able to cover a distance up to 2.00 m with DR labels and up to 3.80 m with Hard Tags. It perfectly fits with every environment in different stores thanks to its invisible and discreet design.The system will warn store staff through with audible and visual alarms...
  • The Invisible Ultra Door-Floor AM System is equipped with the latest technology and it is able to cover a distance of up to 1.50 m with DR labels and up to 3.80 m with Hard Tags and a distance of 1.50 m heigh detection with labels. Thanks to its invisible design with below-the-floor antenna, it perfectly armonizes with every environment in diferent...
  • The auxiliary antennas are an alternative to 2-antennas installation in stores with limited space or similar. It helps us to get high detection ranges avoiding returns coming from the back area.
  • PROSISTEL SISTEMAS put on sale our new METAL CONTROL system for aluminium bags detection, often used by professional thieves. Thanks to this detection system of aluminium foil, you could control who is entering in your store with the objective of thieving at all times. Easy installation Suitable with any system in the market Detection in great distances...
  • People Counting systems and access control developed by Prosistel Sistemas allow us to get people flow in the store in order to know timetable with more affluence, detecting excess of capacity and people visiting the store. Features: It counts either entrance or exit. Detection range up to 3.5m. Graphic display for viewing. Obstacle detection. Capacity...
  • There are several people counter models in our sales catalogue for access control and attendance available for all kind of stores and businesses, transport terminals, fairs and exhibitions.It is possible to check more information and technicla specifications in each people counter model. We can advise you on the product which would better adapt to your...
  • Integrated counter in Antennas• Easy Installation• It counts eirther entrance or exit• Available in AM, RF, LF, EM antennas• Obstacle detection.• PC connection for Rs232, 485 to TCP / IP• Capacity Control • Internal data memory up to 2 months• Advanced software for flow management (Statistical data (hourly, dayly, weekly, monthly). It provides data such...
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    Measurement: 45 x 10 mmFrequency: 58 KHzColour: Barcode and White AM DR label is compatible with all Prosistel detection systems devices and all our labels have the highest levels of detection and deactivation. They are available in white, black and with barcode colour.AM DR labels can be inserted in the product easily by store staff in the distribution...
  • Currently source tagging is becoming increasingly important in all sectors (footwear, textiles, cosmetics, food, etc ...). Between 10 and 15% of labeled products matchs with the increasingly widespread source tagging, being the textile and footwear industries the most expanded at present. Prosistel EAS Systems along with its specialized staff, will not...
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    Easy PlacingIdeal for accessories (bags, suitcases, etc.)Material: Steel
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    Battery power supplyMaterial: ABS plasticMaximum resistanceWhite color
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    Battery power supplyMaterial: ABS plasticMaximum resistanceWhite colour
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    Attractive design.Digital control through advanced analysis system (DSP).High Deactivation Range.Deactivations counter.Management of Security to avoid false or improper deactivations.Verifier of not deactivated tags.Fast and easy synchronization with other AM 58 khz systems Measurement: 145 x 255 x 65 mm
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    Power: 7,500 GMaterial: AluminiumRF and AM tags
  • 84,70 €
    Power: 7,500 GMaterial: Aluminium
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    Power: 7,500 GMaterial: AluminiumGolf Tags

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