Full Equipe System: The Most Effective Anti-theft System

Full Equipe System: The Most Effective Anti-theft System

The well-known as robbery or petty theft in shopping centres, large supermarkets or corner shops is more and more common and it is not likely to decrease, at least while the crisis will still remain in our economy.

According to recent researches, in the constant search for finding a solution for every type of business suffering from daily theft, the inestimable amount of 1.800 million-euros annually is reached in losses in the group of companies throughout Spain. This figure can represent the 1% of total turnover of companies in Spain.

Practices used are more and more creative and advanced, continuing to circumvent the security. Neither cameras, sensor nor security personnel can seize the constant trickle with theft articles, leading different business organisations to consider which the best system is in order to detect these petty thefts. These are difficult to locate representing an enormous amount of money in losses.

The best response arrives by Prosistel, which contributes with the new anti-theft system “Full Equipe” able to fit with business of any type and sizes. A single antenna integrate every possible option in order to detect any attempt to theft an article, including tag detection, metal detection, anti-jammer detector to avoid sabotage, people counting and remote management of the system through TCP IP Module.

We will introduce below what this system actually consists in available for detecting theft in small, medium-sized and large business.

The most compact and efficient Anti-theft System in the Market

We should start pointing the company that has created this novelty anti-theft installation is the Spanish one Prosistel Sistemas, with a long history producing the best anti-theft systems in the industry nowadays, working with every technology and installing systems around the world.

Detection ranges for Prosistel’ anti-theft systems reach real record distances, up to 3,20 meters between antennas, due to the innovative technology able to create anti-noise digital filters that greatly expand detection in these systems.

However, this is only just the beginning. There are more advantages that make a difference with the rest of anti-theft system and competing companies in the industry. More items set the course clearly for theft detectors in the future

  • Metal Detector in Aluminium-foil bags
  • People Counting Integrated in Antennas
  • Remote management
  • Alarm Signal for Close Tags 
  • Tamper-proof Alarm against Jammer 
  • Output with Multifunction Relay
  • Light and sound Times programmable

As we can see, Prosistel offers a complete integrated anti-theft system that will achieve to hinder or prevent thievesthieves’ actions in every respect. The future for avoiding theft in shops and stores is already here.

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